Do you really want to read a review of an icing bag? Geez.

I happened upon my favorite style of humor, here: Pastry Bag at Amazon, while browsing around for kitchen tools.  Even the dude’s name is cute.  It was all just so damn cute I had to share it with myself at my web log, so it is pasted below.

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It works., January 15, 2011

By Pc Pete “PC Pete”

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This review is from: Farberware Professional 5-Piece Icing Bag Set (Kitchen)

Do you really want to read a review of an icing bag? Geez… if it wasn’t 10 degrees outside and miserable, and I wasn’t bored out of my mind, you wouldn’t catch me on my laptop doing something so incredibly indulgent and thoroughly unproductive. Regardless, since you’re already reading, and I don’t like being rude, this item is an icing bag, and it comes with a bunch of tips. You’ll probably only use one tip, though. You will have no use for the other tips, but you’ll think this bag is a better deal, because it comes with more tips. You’ll end up keeping the worthless tips in a cabinet somewhere, just as I do, because neither of us is able to throw stuff out, and we think we’ll find a need for them one day. Back to the icing bag… I used this thing to make hors dourves, hors doerves, hors doeuvres, hour deuorves – I can’t spell that, sorry. The French may make a few good things to eat, but they really need to learn how to spell with fewer letters. Anyway… I sorta brainstormed this stuff using cream cheese, Fetta, Greek olives, sundried tomatoes, Italian seasoning, and a little smoked trout. It tasted pretty good and everyone at my New Year’s Eve party liked it. Oh yeah… the bag. The icing bag put my cheesy fish goo right where it needed to go. And no… I’m not gay. I really can’t believe I’m typing this crap. I have officially hit bottom. Hey… good luck with your icing bag! And remember, this one comes with a bunch of tips.

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