Survey solns

This class survey was part of a larger project, designed to allow us, the students, to identify the degree to which the public is capable of understanding scientific communication.  I planned to do exactly that, but I missed the deadline because my aim was too exact and the bullseye too distant.




I received the grade of NC for this English Comp II class, my second attempt on this gen-ed course. The work I submit, in my own general education in general, is many levels above that which is expected of college freshmen and sophomores, but nevertheless I miss all the deadlines and receive bad marks. This survey project did me in on this attempt at passing Engl Comp II. An example survey question of my contemporaries: “Q = What is the building block of all matter? A = The Atom,” to which I scratched my head, thinking that subatomic particles were technically considered the building blocks nowadays. They scratched their heads after I did.

My professor IN THIS VERY CLASS thought he was cool for entitling his course, “Science in the Public Imagination.” He liked to make fun of people who dismiss the tools of science, while he simultaneously proclaimed his churchgoing tendencies occasionally; it seemed to me as if he strove to be The Master of Reconciliation.

His English course could have been incredibly valuable for me because I had started to learn how to write scientific lab reports.

Now that I actually can write lab reports to professional standards, I am no longer interested in joining the club of scientific dogma.

I do not intend to imply that I finished my education.  I flunked out of UTK just now.

About Ursula E Minor

*In lieu of verbositously bombarding the email inboxes of those whose time I take care to not waste, I sought an unobtrusive, alternative outlet for my compulsion to do exactly that. This is it. Ursula E Minor at rocketmail dot com is the address I use for private written interactivity.
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