Old News

Ice falls away from this
Lupine lady of clay as the
Outré supplicant sways then her
Void, pervaded by day when his
Elan shines like a ray o
Yea to touch him I’ve prayed for our
Own romantic foray
Under velvet and starry arrays

ca. 2009

Love at first sound
Was certainly you
My Hands were tied
I’m bound, I’m true

And so I was beaten
Was cloven was bared
Then I was bitten
Still mute now aware

An old magic horn was
Put in or pulled out
When you strummed the cords
That ignited my doubt

Dark woman in dream
She bled my wrist
Blue jay held tight
In this dreamland tryst

There is one close
It’s true, so true
I shall see you sir
For I’m certain ’tis you

ca. today

About Ursula E Minor

*In lieu of verbositously bombarding the email inboxes of those whose time I take care to not waste, I sought an unobtrusive, alternative outlet for my compulsion to do exactly that. This is it. Ursula E Minor at rocketmail dot com is the address I use for private written interactivity.
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