Fat Mouths

I’m about to rail at some loud-mouthed idiots here, and if I happen to offend any thoughtful, rational human beings of any background, such is not my intent and I’m sorry. The article I’m posting below reminds me of the few moments I had to study before an Art History exam at UTK. As if my own anxiety weren’t impeding me enough, some “kind souls” came to help out by praying for me during my last five minutes before class, despite my strong hints that I needed this precious time to myself. I bit my tongue out of politeness for such nonsense for the last time that day. These self-righteous, unhelpful people need to stop impeding on others’ attempts at managing the stresses of life.

The article below is about Christians who don’t want their children exposed to the religious aspects of yoga. That’s a fair enough demand. However, I still wish they’d shut up and act out their values instead of running their two-faced, fat mouths about all the imaginary injustices in the world. Badges and affiliations don’t impress me. I’m impressed by a thoughtful set of values solidly adhered to on the personal level. If a person must proclaim their values loudly, what are they over-compensating for, exactly?

My final thought on the matter is that I believe the indoctrination of youth is akin to brainwashing and a form of child abuse. I will not be making any such personal decisions for my own daughter, and instead I’ll simply discuss facts with her.

Oh, and, uh, Hail Satan!



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*In lieu of verbositously bombarding the email inboxes of those whose time I take care to not waste, I sought an unobtrusive, alternative outlet for my compulsion to do exactly that. This is it. Ursula E Minor at rocketmail dot com is the address I use for private written interactivity.
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